Resume (for Work)


I'm an engineer who can lead activities to ensure service reliability for all layers, including team management.

Key Skills

  • Proficient at designing DevOps systems.
  • Proficient at using DevOps tools (Ansible, Jenkins, StackStorm).
    • StackStorm User Group Japan - Board Member
    • Experience in winning RedHat's Ansible Blog Contest
  • Great leadership in system development / Incident Handling as TechLead.
  • Excellent communication skills to clarify customer problems and propose solutions.
  • Expertise in networking and virtualization related to OpenStack

Key Experiences

  • Experience leading the design and implementation of application platforms integrated with monitoring and deployment systems
  • Experience in the implementation of technical systems to HR system design related to service operations.
  • Having several experiences of taught over 60 people lecturing on how to use the DevOps system.

Career History

LINE Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) - Reliability Engineer

July 2021 ~ Present - Manager

  • Considering recruitment strategies
  • Leading the identification and resolution of cross-team issues

Jun 2019 ~ July 2021 - Engineer

  • SRE operations in the area of network functions and virtual machines.
  • Conducting solution architect activities for users.
  • Design, development, and operation of monitoring systems on the company-wide private cloud platform.
  • Extensive troubleshooting experience from operating systems to applications.
  • Proactively providing incident handling direction.

NTT-TX (Tokyo, Japan) — Engineer

Apr 2016 ~ May 2019

  • Providing professional advice on the DevOps system.
  • Developing and supporting CI/CD system for OpenStack-based cloud and low-layer infrastructure.
  • Developing a system for ease managing multi-vendor network pieces of equipment.
  • Lecturing and writing technical content related to DevOps as the youngest instructor in the company.
  • Supporting OpenStack-based cloud environments.